Dubai Police

Assisting the Dubai police to help children impacted by crime.

The Challenge

As part of their Smart Police Station integration Dubai Police approached us to see how we could assist with technology integration in the area of child welfare. They wanted to bring technology in to assist in the way that children involved in crime are dealt with by the police and associated psychologists. Currently communication aids come in the form of puppets and have done so for the last 50yrs. They want to install some sort of avatar based communication system into the process and assess the validity of its usage.

What We Did

We came up with a web based solution that would allow the criminal psychologist to communicate with a child through the medium of an avatar. Anything said would be replicated by the avatar and the operator has control over the avatar’s animations. The remote operator can see the child and record the conversation and interaction in a digital document to be integrated into the current administrative system. The trial system was designed for demonstration at GITEX 2017 and was introduced to the department specialists that would be using the application. The software had to run without fault over a period of six days and be intuitive enough to not require any supervision.

The Outcome

The initial feedback was excellent, not only from the intended governmental department but also received many accolades from other authorities. We are now working with the Dubai Police to refine the software for their bespoke needs in order to go into service February 2018. The enhancements are along the lines of a range of culturally sensitive characters to ensure there is an avatar available to suit all needs.

Extension of the digitally documentation of any particular session has been extend to include date stamped video and communicate with the internal administrative processes. The ability for the avatar to show the child pictures from a predetermined location and the ability to modulate the audio output in order to anonymise the identity of the operator. From studies of the operation of the software UI modifications are to be made facilitating its use and also the move to a touch screen interface is to be implemented. In order to deliver the highest standard of application, the development from this stage needs to be bespoke and tailored specifically to the client and the judicial system’s needs.

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