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As any teacher will testify, keeping a classroom’s undivided attention is becoming harder and harder. With kids nowadays engaged heavily with their tech, it makes sense to utilise this to our advantage. Have you ever thought that if you could step into the screen of one of their games or videos they might pay a bit more attention? Well, now you can! With Gaia technology’s innovative new programme Animates, you have access to a captivating platform which allows you to engage with your audience in a fun and exciting way. The possibilities are endless, as this is a versatile piece of tech that will have your audience eating out of the palm of your hand in minutes. 

“It was so much fun playing the bear, and at the same time seeing the pupils’ enthusiastic reactions and participation to the character’s questions” 

“What a fun piece of software! It’s amazing to see just how engaged the students are with the character. The kids were talking about it for days.” 

So how does it work? The operation is far simpler than you may think, you don’t have to be a tech wiz to fully utilize Animates! In the room with your target audience you need a screen with internet access and a web cam. In another room you will have the base of operations… and before you imagine a table full of buttons, knobs and flashing lights, wait! All you need is a computer with internet access, a web cam and microphone. Yep, that’s all. Think of it as a technologically advanced and less scary version of the Wizard of Oz! You control which character appears on screen, their background, their voice and their actions. Show pictures, play games, ask and answer questions, you have the power!  

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So do you have to use Mr.Bunny? Not at all! There are a huge range of characters available, and they can be customised too. Want a monkey wearing your school’s uniform? No problem. How about a penguin in a Hawaiian shirt who lives on the moon? Consider it done. This system is being used in marketing, advertising, safeguarding, education and beyond, and it could be the platform for you to really see engagement sky rocket in your classrooms!  

Check out the below video to understand the setup; 

Published: Friday, 18th, January 2019

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