This Gaia Wellbeing Project Teen Minds and its sister, Young Minds for younger children, allows any school, college, university or workplace the opportunity to bespoke an App to their specific needs. Covering a range of issues associated with Personal, social, health and economic (PSHE) education. The content is designed to appeal to different age ranges. These Apps provide users with advice, information and points of contact on all subjects to do with wellbeing.

The template Gaia provides has the following default categories that can be adjusted to suit the needs of your establishment:

  • My Body: body image, eating disorders, healthy eating, puberty, sex and gender
  • My Mind: depression, self-harm, stress, anxiety
  • My Relationships: bullying, peer pressure, sexting
  • My Relaxation: a meditation feature
  • A Mood Tracker: where users can record their daily moods to identify recurring patterns and coping strategies

The template we provide allows the content to be edited in multiple ways:

  • Develop new categories, including icons & imagery
  • Change the content in existing categories or remove them completely
  • Edit any links, change email & contact details and add school logos
  • Publish the App with a name of your choice


Teen Minds contains a considerable amount of Well Being content and is suitable for commercial as well as educational use. 

Working with Gaia Tech made the whole process of learning relevant, challenging and fun. The app, My TeenMind, now has longevity as the children have left a legacy. What an incredible achievement for a term’s work!
App development projects give the highest levels of digital competencies and improve subject engagement, understanding and retention to all pupils

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