We have experience in a wide range of arenas from developing project based learning solutions for the educational sector to commercial product design, visualisation and development.

We specialise in developing systems incorporating virtual reality environments, 3D training and visualisation software, cutting-edge Augmented Reality (AR) systems and green screen filming for our clients in many sectors. Our systems can also utilise novel methods of user interaction including advanced gesture control and haptic devices.  We pride ourselves on our innovative approach to research and development and make our products available across as many platforms as possible.

Since its inception in 1992, Gaia has focused its Visualisation Service on Experience Learning that aims to enhance the way knowledge and information are visually communicated to learners that will enable them to learn faster and retain more information for longer.  This has many benefits to companies, government agencies here and abroad, marketing groups, medical organisations as well as educational and training establishments.

We have worked with many companies in the construction environment and have designed and developed the Virtual Construction Site.

We currently work with over 500 education and training establishments and Gaia Technologies is an education specialist provider and as a result of the quality of our service Gaia Technologies is currently the most successful company bidding under the RM1050 Crown Framework. We have also recently been approved on the Cloud 9 Government Services Framework

3D working models are ideal to impart knowledge in the medical field.  Gaia, working with medical specialists, produced a working 3D model of a heart that was activated when a tablet was held against a person’s chest. The full case study can be seen here.

Marketing departments will find out totally immersive 3D Apps ideal for demonstrating products or interacting with customers.