Placing products or authentic models in the context of their environment helps the end users visualise and understand how the products function, belong to their environment or can be utilised Gaia excels at developing 3D lifelike models and Apps, using a using a combination of Virtual Reality, Artificial Reality, green screens, video footage and 3D images. Whether you want us to model your prototype within a lifelike scenario, create a point of sale for your product or create marketing or training content, talk to Gaia.  

With the proliferation of mobile technologies, mobile Apps offer a perfect means of maintaining live and continual contact with end users and customers. Apps provide a flexible and robust means of communication with users in an interactive and engaging way, increasing both user interest and understanding. Gaia can also utilise novel methods of user interaction, including natural user interfaces, advanced gesture control and haptic devices. 

Our Animates App is such an example.  Using this fully 3D model of a person, a company can fully control the model, interacting with the end user in real time. This App is ideal for marketing, demonstrating and training purposes. Other examples of commercial modelling we have completed are a fully 3D beating heart that can be moved and examined and a lifelike virtual animal cell that can be moved, examined and touched using haptic devices. 

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