Gaia is an education specialist provider throughout England and Wales. We also work with many universities on both learning and research projects.   

Interactive project-based learning is at the heart of what we do.  At Gaia, we have worked hard to develop projects that improve subject engagement, understanding and retention, while also incorporating as many learning outcomes as possible.  Our app development projects provide a high level of digital competencies, literacy, communication, creativity, evaluation, analysis and so much more. We have worked with many educationalists and specialists to provide Apps, frameworks and presentation suites such as the following:

Our 3D viewer, a teaching system, is packed full of learning tools for multiple subjects. Teachers are able to immerse students in a fully interactive learning environment that enhances student engagement and participation, and is designed to complement a school’s curriculum and improve the ability of students to learn. 

Gaia’s Primary Computing Framework is a practical guide for schools that will enable them to plan and deliver structured and progressive lessons that ensure pupils develop a high level of computing skill and knowledge by the end of Year 6. 

Safeguarding and health have not been forgotten we have produced Apps on subjects such as healthy eating, My Baby, Tai Chi Panda and an App to help work with children that have been involved in crimes. 

Gaia also works closely with teachers and pupils from schools across the UK to develop new and exciting ways of incorporating  STEM subjects into Project Based Learning (PBL). 

We also provide teachers and educators with all sorts of teaching resources from lesson plans, presentations, development templates and how-to guides to art assets and example projects.

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