Although based in Bangor, North Wales we have worked with many international clients. For example LeQun primary school in Shenzhen is one of the several schools participating in the China wide 3D School pilot of our Gaia 3D product.  The software is designed to demonstrate classroom teaching using 3D technology and content to enhance Science lessons and is currently a great success. Our Gaia 3D product is available in 12 languages, including Russian where it is particularly popular.

Dubai Police approached Gaia with a request to assist in the production of an interactive programme to assist with the welfare of children involved in crimes.  Dubai Police wanted to move away from the puppet based interview techniques that had been used for the last 50 years.  They required an avatar based communication system.  Gaia produced a web-based solution that would allow the criminal psychologist to communicate with a child through the medium of an avatar. Anything said would be replicated by the avatar and the operator had control over the avatar’s animations. Other international police forces have expressed an interest. 

 Some of our working 3D virtual reality Apps such as our WW1 trenches re-enactment have been downloaded all over the world. 

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