Gaia has worked with many medical establishments for example, as part of a research project for Reading University to show how haptics and 3D improve learning, we worked closely with them to create an Animal Cell App. 

 The creation of this App was directly related to the haptic aspect of the project, which was to ensure that each component of an animal cell had the correct physical resistance. We worked closely with the haptics team working on their feedback to create all the 3D assets. The results of the project indicated that there was a significant improvement in learning when physical feedback and high-quality graphics are used to present information of this nature. 

Gaia also produced a Gene Matching App for the Wales Gene Centre. We were commissioned to investigate their current methods and identify improvements in both the engagement factor of their activities and the learning process of their outreach programme. One of the components we created was a gene matching game displayed on a large touch screen. The gamification element brings competition and through that engagement and challenge. The multi-platform nature of the app meant it could also be run on a variety of user devices. 

We have also worked with the integration of real-time models with external devices such as a heart monitor and respirator. 

3D models and virtual reality have some incredible potential in teaching, investigating and examinations within the medical field.  Gaia is working at the cutting edge of 3D and virtual reality technology.

Wales Gene Park Project

The response to the chromosome matching game has been fantastic. It shows people coming back to the stand again and again to play it and try to improve their score. As an engagement and educational tool we couldn’t have asked for more.

Angela Burgess
Education & Engagement Project Manager
Wales Gene Park
Institute of Medical Genetics

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