We aim to give you new and exciting ways to bring your subject alive, improving engagement, retention and understanding. We provide access to new technologies and full support and assistance as required. You benefit from attendees with an improved understanding of the subject area as well as an increased delegate retention rate.

Why train in a conference room when you can teach in a rainforest? With our Immersive Visual learning environments, our virtual field trips transport lecturers and delegates to places not accessible in real life. Whether exploring a vehicle, talking to potential customers, standing in an operating theatre, or walking through a building yard, your delegates will truly believe that they are there.

These projects utilise the latest in 3D stereoscopic and virtual reality (VR) technologies to create multisensory experiences that will deepen learning. Many topics can all benefit from these immersive environments, with improved retention, behaviour, motivation and attendance being the likely outcomes.

We do not just produce content of the highest standard but also focus on the integration of this learning content into existing or bespoke Learning Management Systems. These systems incorporate all the logging, monitoring and proctoring functionality one would expect from a cutting edge LMS.

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