With the proliferation of mobile technologies, mobile Apps offer a perfect means of maintaining live and perpetual contact with end users and customers. The overarching result is the provision of a flexible and robust means of communication with users in an interactive and engaging way. 

 Gaia has worked with many commercial, educational and government clients in developing bespoke Apps pertaining to their particular requirements. Gaia can blend different technologies such as augmented and virtual reality, CG animations and video footage within the mobile Apps.  

Apps do not need to be stand alone and many benefit greatly from linking into back-end databases and live feeds to keep users up-to-date and continually informed. Outward communication such as the ability to email orders or links to social media can be built into the App.

Gaia can also work with subject experts and produce models, textual and graphical content wrapped within the App. We have the capability to develop mobile Apps cross-platform on iOS, Android and MsWindows. We currently have over 30 Apps in the Apple and Android stores. 

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