Imagine that rather than sitting in a conference room or classroom you were actually walking through the scenario, touching, exploring and learning in real time. That is virtual reality – the use of lifelike 3d models within an equally believable environment makes the user really believe that they are in their chosen situation. Virtual reality can be used for educational, training, business and marketing purposes.

Gaia creates 3D models, in collaboration with the client that can then be used within a 3D visualisation. Sometimes we combine several models in an environment in order to give a context for each individual model.  Augmented Reality (AR) applications can overlay a digital representation of the physical world to increase the viewer’s comprehension. We can also integrate external sensory or management equipment to any model.  This will enable the user to interactively understand and comprehend how something works.

Another approach that Gaia uses to engage a user is Animates. This is a system whereby information is communicated through a 3D character model that is fully controlled, remotely by a Human being. The controller has the ability to call upon a variety of facial expressions, voices and movement and has, through embedded cameras and microphones, the ability to react to learner queries in real time.

One virtual reality model that we produced, and subsequently won awards for was our Amazon Rain Forest. Its development and completion required many skilled artists, designers, programmers and animators, as well as subject experts. Gaia’s skilled artists worked on the accurate reproduction of models for every leaf, plant and animal in the rain forest and combined them in appropriate locations to create an accurate rainforest environment. Learners were able to navigate this immersive environment and interrogate each plant or animal for further details about its components and biological composition, thus exploring the Amazon Rain Forest in a realistic environment.

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