Gaia Experience Learning and 3D Data Object and Scene Visualisation encompass a wide range of disciplines including graphic design, software development, animation and technology related services.

Gaia’s Visualisation Service focuses on Experience Learning  that aims to enhance the way knowledge and information are visually communicated to learners to enable them to learn faster and retain more information for far longer.

We focus on model development that will “Amaze and Excite” and then place these models in real environments, relevant to the end user. This reduces the time it takes to communicate learning, while increasing the capability for retention.

Gaia can also integrate external sensory or management equipment to any model.  This will allow the user to interactively benefit, understand and comprehend how something works. For example, in the case of the heart, Gaia worked with our client to link their pulse bars (Haptics devices) to the heart model we created. This has enabled learners to have their own heart rate reflected in a digital form, facilitating the understanding of the mechanics of the heart in an interesting and interactive way.

We focus on learning outcomes, interactivity and mobility. All of our learning solutions have a solid foundation of quality, credibility and efficacy, thus providing a lasting and positive impact on both the learner and the business or educational establishment.

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